Filip Tuček specializes on Russia’s role in security of Central and Eastern Europe. He has professional experience from research institutions and the public sector, including Columbia University, RAND Corporation, and the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Filip holds Master’s Degree in International Security Policy from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). For his security-related work, Columbia awarded him the Dasturdaza Dr. Jal Pavry Memorial Award for International Peace and Understanding. Filip was also a Harriman Junior Fellow, a member of the International Fellows Program, and recipient of the Robert Legvold Fellowship. In December 2013, Filip published his first book “The European Union as Security Actor of a New Type.” In addition, he has published articles and essays on international affairs in print and online media in Great Britain, United States, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Russia. Filip is fluent in English, Czech, Russian, has a working knowledge of Spanish and elementary knowledge of French.