Unraveling the Political Crisis in Macedonia: Toward Resolution or Calm Before the Storm?

9. Jun 2015  |  Western Balkans  |  Macedonia  |  In the media

Last week, CEPI's Managing Director, Milan Nič contributed to the latest BiEPAG's policy brief on situation in Macedonia. 

Why NATO should sign up Montenegro this year

A year ago, the chances of new NATO admissions at the September 2014 summit in Cardiff, Wales, appeared rather small. The Alliance was focused on the future challenges after the end of its ISAF mission in Afghanistan, cyber threats, and on the growing “capabilities gap” between the US and Europe.

CEPI Briefing on future NATO enlargements with Milan Nič (January 2014)

At the 2012 Chicago summit, NATO leaders reiterated their commitment to the 'open-door policy' and promised to keep the progress of each of the aspiring nations under active review. What are the chances that the 2014 NATO summit will deal with the enlargement agenda: Central European Policy Institute’s expert Milan Nič explains.