Business Deals and Western Fears (Russian challenge in the W. Balkans)

Russia has been advancing economically into the Western Balkans for years now. Russian oligarchs’ businesses, backed by the state, have penetrated a number of Balkan economies and the Kremlin has come to exert considerable influence in these countries. Now, the Ukraine crisis has transformed the strategic calculus for the European Union, which has thus far been the dominant partner for Balkan governments.

Why NATO should sign up Montenegro this year

A year ago, the chances of new NATO admissions at the September 2014 summit in Cardiff, Wales, appeared rather small. The Alliance was focused on the future challenges after the end of its ISAF mission in Afghanistan, cyber threats, and on the growing “capabilities gap” between the US and Europe.

Tomáš Valášek: Non-enlargement will invite further aggression

Slovak Ambassador to NATO and honorary chairman of CEPI Tomáš Valášek kicked-off the milestone conference on NATO enlargement by saying that after Ukraine, the idea of Europe whole and free is more urgent: “Enlargements has put Russia’s relations with those neighbours that are in NATO on a stable and predictable footing. This calm and stability could be a hugely valuable asset, if we are to be in a prolonged period of tensions with Moscow.”

CEPI Briefing on future NATO enlargements with Milan Nič (January 2014)

At the 2012 Chicago summit, NATO leaders reiterated their commitment to the 'open-door policy' and promised to keep the progress of each of the aspiring nations under active review. What are the chances that the 2014 NATO summit will deal with the enlargement agenda: Central European Policy Institute’s expert Milan Nič explains.

NATO Holds the Door Open for Montenegro

At a time when Montenegrins are celebrating the EU’s decision to open accession talks with this tiny Adriatic country (on June 29, 2012) it is good not to lose sight of the other integration game in town – NATO enlargement. Three years after Croatia and Albania completed their accession process and joined the Alliance as members, three aspirant countries from the Western Balkans - Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina - were hoping to advance their candidacies at the NATO summit in Chicago (May 20-21, 2012).