GLOBSEC Chat with Štefan Füle

23. Feb 2015  |  Eastern Partnership  |  Ukraine, Russia  |  Event reports, Multimedia

On Friday 20 February 2015, CEPI in cooperation with its sister organization SAC was honoured to host a meeting with Mr Štefan Füle, former European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy (2010

CEPI Briefing on the EU, NATO and V4 co-operation with Ken McDonagh

5. Jun 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Multimedia

The EU and NATO share many members, a geographical focus and a commitment to common values. Traditionally, however, they have operated in separate domains. As the EU increasing moves into the area of security and defence, this relationship has to adapt. How will the European Defence Summit effect the EU-NATO relationship and where do the Central Europeans stand in this debate Ken McDonagh, visiting fellow at the Central European Policy Institute explains.

CEPI Briefing on VIDEFCO with Tomáš Valášek

5. Jun 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Multimedia

To weather serious cuts in defence budgets without losing much of their military capabilities, the EU and NATO urge their members to co-operate. Regional groupings, such as the Nordic or Visegrad ones, seem as effective frameworks. What are the benefits of regional defence co-operation and how far have the Central Europeans gone in harmonising their efforts: Slovak Ambassador to NATO Tomáš Valášek explains.

CEPI Briefing on joint procurements with Jaroslav Naď

5. Jun 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Multimedia

Joint acquisitions of military hardware could decrease unit costs and enable countries with limited resources to modernise. However, if the collaboration is to work, governments also need to win the support of their defence industries. How to launch joint acquisitions without damaging local business players: the Central European Policy Institute’s expert Jaroslav Naď explains.

CEPI Briefing on NATO – Georgia relations with Marian Majer (February 2014)

13. Mar 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Georgia  |  Multimedia

The Georgian Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili would like to see NATO granting Tbilisi a Membership Action Plan in 2014. NATO leaders will meet to discuss the issue during the upcoming summit held in the UK in autumn 2014. What the prospects of upgrading this relationship are and whether it would be beneficial to both sides: Senior Fellow at CEPI Marian Majer, explains.

CEPI Briefing on Europe's changing security environment with Martin Sklenár (February 2014)

By Martin Sklenár
13. Feb 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Multimedia

Europe’s security environment has changed significantly during the last decade. Some parts of the EU’s neighbourhood are stable and have even been integrated into the organisation’s structures. Others, however, continue to face instability and violence. As European allies took part in the now ending combat mission in Afghanistan, their defence budgets have shrunk significantly. What are today’s main security concerns and how should we adapt to the new situation – Slovak diplomat Martin Sklenár explains.

CEPI Briefing on future NATO enlargement with Ján Cingel (January 2014)

23. Jan 2014  |  Western Balkans, Security and Defence  |  Serbia  |  Multimedia

When it comes to NATO’s relations with the Western Balkans, Serbia is a special case. Popularity of the alliance is low due to the 1999 air campaign and the Kosovo issue. Belgrade has declared neutrality and ruled out NATO membership possibility, yet remaining a part of the Partnership for Peace programme. How does the Serbian public perceive NATO and how does this impact the NATO-Serbian relationship? Ján Cingel, expert of the Slovak Atlantic Commission, explains.

CEPI Briefing on the NATO summit with Tomáš Valášek (January 2014)

16. Jan 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Multimedia

Leaders of NATO member countries will meet in autumn 2014 at summit organized by the United Kingdom. What topics will be discussed and what are the specific priorities of NATO’s Central European members? Slovak ambassador to NATO and president of CEPI Tomáš Valášek explains.

CEPI Briefing on future NATO enlargements with Milan Nič (January 2014)

At the 2012 Chicago summit, NATO leaders reiterated their commitment to the 'open-door policy' and promised to keep the progress of each of the aspiring nations under active review. What are the chances that the 2014 NATO summit will deal with the enlargement agenda: Central European Policy Institute’s expert Milan Nič explains.

CEPI Briefing on Visegrad battlegroup with Milan Šuplata (January 2014)

9. Jan 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Multimedia

The Visegrad countries are building their first region-wide EU battlegroup. The unit of 3,000 troops will be on stand-by in the first half of 2016 and the region’s leaders are already considering more permanent arrangements for the future. What are the motivations driving Visegrad countries to build a joint unit and what should be their long-term plan, the Central European Policy Institute’s expert Milan Šuplata explains.