Think Visegrad Fellowship Opportunity at GLOBSEC Policy Institute

25. Apr 2017  |  Central Europe

Fellowship Opportunity at GLOBSEC Policy Institute

Foreign Policy Strategy of the GLOBSEC Policy Institute

Last year, the GLOBSEC organization made the decision to significantly increase our ability to understand the world in its complexity and propose positive changes.

V4+ Security: Strengthening the Eastern Frontier of the V4: Bratislava Roundtable

On Wednesday, March 1st, the GLOBSEC Policy Institute's (GPI) Defence and Security Programme experts hosted more than a dozen of international security experts from 4 counties

GLOBSEC Policy Institute has launched two new research themes

As a response to the recent thorny events on the international scene, the GLOBSEC Policy Institute has broadened its scope of research activities to offer solutions to current challenges. Hence, new personalities have joined our team.

Away from the spotlight: Balkan route and Visegrad approach to refugees in 2017

By Public Relations. Photo: Flickr|European Parliament, licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
27. Feb 2017  |  Migration  |  Central Europe  |  Event reports

On Wednesday, February 22, the Globsec Policy Institute (GPI) organised a regional workshop Away from the spotlight: Balkan route and Visegrad approach to refugees in 2017.

The Brief the Briefers

13. Feb 2017  |  Security and Defence  |  Event reports

On February 9th, within the framework of the Brief the Briefers program, GLOBSEC Policy Institute Research Fellow Tomáš A. 

V4+ Security Roundtable in Kiev

On December 7th, Reseach Fellows, Tomáš A. Nagy and Katarína Klingová represented our 

Security in Europe from a Visegrad viewpoint

On December 9th, GPI Research Fellow Tomáš A.

Milan Nič's comments in the Budapest Beacon

By Public Relations. Photo: The Budapest Beacon.
14. Dec 2016  |  Central Europe  |  In the media

Lili Bayer from the Budapest Beacon interviewed several experts from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to analyse relations and cooperation of the Vise

GLOBSEC Intelligence Reform Initiative discussed in Brussels

December 1, 2016 saw the presentation of the GLOBSEC Intelligence Reform Initiative (GIRI) report Reforming Tran