The Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) is a leading and independent think-tank that conducts original, policy-focused research. PISM provides advice to all branches of government and contributes to wider debates on international relations in Europe and beyond. PISM also publishes books and journals, and houses one of the best specialist libraries in Central Europe. Situated in between the world of policy and independent expertise on international affairs, PISM promotes the flow of ideas that inform and enhance the foreign policy of Poland.


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Past Projects

This research project, involving researchers from the Visegrad countries, aims to analyse, compare, and find complementarities of the V4 countries’ polices towards four emerging powers: China, India, Brazil and South Africa.
The DAV4 III project promotes the V4’s defence collaboration efforts by publishing an in-depth report identifying opportunities in the field of industrial co-operation and joint acquisitions; and a shorter policy brief on collaboration in the field of military education.
CEPI has engaged leading local think-tanks from Belgrade and Pristina in a one-year research to contribute to long-term normalisation of Serbia-Kosovo relations.
The project aims at identifying possibilities for regional collaboration in the areas of defence capabilities enabling the V4 countries to deploy forces and cyber-defence.
The V4 experience and know-how is valuable for Moldova, but activities should be coordinated. The project will analyse national priorities, outline areas of possible cooperation and draft recommendations.
The "Defence Austerity in the Visegrad Region" project put together 12 experts to elaborate a comprehensive report on possibilities for V4 defence collaboration.