The DAV4 III project promotes the V4’s defence collaboration efforts by publishing an in-depth report identifying opportunities in the field of industrial co-operation and joint acquisitions; and a shorter policy brief on collaboration in the field of military education. The documents will answer what are the needs and capacities in the region, how to set-up the existing capacities more effectively and what could be the concrete co-operation projects. Related events will support research and advocacy. 

There only limited defence industrial co-operation among the Visegrad countries. Region’s companies are small in the European and global context. At the same time, countries do not use advantages of joint acquisitions despite of years of declarations. Military education is also in bad shape in the region, ineffective in terms of expenses and quality. Regional defence co-operation which enjoys strong declaratory support from the V4’s political leadership might help in mitigating this situation.

Co-operation in military education is “low-hanging fruit” in comparison with other possible areas, if successful; it would generate a lot of attention (as one of the few relevant projects). On the other side, joint acquisitions represent the most difficult, yet the most advantageous forms of co-operation, both for the suppliers and for the client states. The first projects are highly needed and if successful, they would help the V4's secure utherwise unaffordable military hardware.



Milan Šuplata
Former Senior Fellow for Security and Defence
Marian Majer
Former Head of the Security and Defence Policy Programme


Jaroslav Naď
Former Senior Fellow for Security and Defence
Mário Nicolini
External Contributor