The Reality Check project helps satisfy the demand for a more effective Western policy towards the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries. Its objective is to provide a framework for a rigorous review process engaging top domestic and international analysts, practitioners, diplomats and policy-makers to gather inputs and discuss Western policy options behind closed doors. 

Under the aegis of the Lithuanian EU Presidency, the first such a review, focused on Belarus, took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, in October 2012. The process includes a Review Group of experts in order to compile a deep overview of factors influencing politics on the ground, both internal and external. A particular emphasis is placed on the independent character of the Reality Check gatherings and the Review Group to ensure an evidence-based and balanced type of policy-advice. Non-papers, as a product of the meetings followed by in-depth peer review, are released in order to contribute to the policy debate. Fostering a discussion based on evidence provided, the organizers hope to enable a more understandable and realistic Western policy.

The “Reality Check” initiative is supported by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (Germany), Pact (US) as well as the International Visegrad Fund.

Seven non-papers are already available for download: Belarus I (December 2012), Belarus II (May-June 2013), Belarus III (April-May 2014), Moldova I (April-June 2013), Moldova II (December 2013) Georgia I (April-June 2013), Ukraine II (October 2014-March 2015), Ukraine III (April-May 2015), Belarus IV (September 2014-May 2015).


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Balázs Jarábik
Associate Fellow


Jana Kobzová
Associate Fellow
Ján Cingel
Acting Head of European Neighbourhood Programme
Michal Skala
Director of the Transfer of Know-How programme, Slovak Atlantic Commission
Kristina Vaičiūnaitė
External Contributor
Rafal Sadowski
External Contributor
Kamił Calus
Expert with the Centre for Eastern Studies, Warsaw
Valeriu Prohnitchi
External Contributor
Ketevan Vashakidze
External Contributor
Medea Turashvili
External Contributor
Cory Welt
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Andrea Keerbs
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Konstantin Otkhmezuri
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