Climbing out of the Abyss: The Visegrad Perspective on Europe's Problem

Between November 30 and December 2 Central Europe’s top officials and thinkers came to the Chateau Béla near Štúrovo, Slovakia for an annual brainstorming on the future of Europe and the Atlantic community. The economic crisis, reforms of EU institutions, defence collaboration and rising extremism dominated the debates this year. The following notes offer insights into the discussions and Central Europe’s solutions to the economic and defence crises.

DAV4 Full Report: Towards a Deeper Visegrad Defence Partnership

Edited by Tomáš Valášek, co-edited by Milan Šuplata; authored by Jozef Bátora, Gareth Chapell, Attila Demkó, István Gyarmati, Jan Jireš, Rastislav Káčer, Marcin Terlikowski, László Tömböl, Jiří Schneider, Jiří Šedivý and Marcin Zaborowski

The enclosed report (PDF) charts the obstacles to defence collaboration in Central Europe, and suggests ways in which the Visegrad countries can avoid mistakes of their predecessors. It has been produced by a consortium of four think-tanks, ICDT (Hungary), PISM (Poland) and Jagello 2000 (Czech Republic), with the Central European Policy Institute (a think-tank by the Slovak Atlantic Commission) in Slovakia leading the project. The report itself builds on a shorter brief, which the participating think-tanks' 12 defence experts produced and presented at the GLOBSEC Bratislava Global Security Forum in April 2012.