Countering Kremlin’s Information War

By Jakub Tomášek. Photo credit: Jaime Silva, licensed by CCBY-NC-ND 2.0.
13. Oct 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  Russia  |  Opinions

With the end of the Cold War, imagery of decrepit Russian warships driven ashore on remote peninsulas, an unpaid conscript army, and low morale characterized the country’s public coverage. But during the period of underfunding of physical capability, Russia focused its efforts on information and other non-kinetic levers.

NATO enlargement: Will Warsaw deliver?

By Wojciech Lorenz and Mário Nicolini. Photo credit: US government works
13. Oct 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  Opinions, Studies

In a completely new security context after Russian agression against Ukraine NATO is reviewing all fundamental principles, which has driven its decisions over the last two decades. Enlargement, the Alliance’s primary policy to realise the vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace, should be — and has been — no exception.

Tomáš Valášek on new forms of instability in Central Europe

On October 5, Tomáš Valášek led a seminar on new forms and causes of instability in Central Europe and the ways to react to the situation.

Slovakia needs a new security strategy

24. Jul 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  Slovakia  |  Event reports

Major developments of the security environment have occurred since the current Slovakia’s security strategy was adopted in 2005.

The Ukrainian Week interviews Marian Majer

In his interview with the Ukrainian Week, CEPI’s Head of the Security and Defence Policy Programme, Marian Majer argues that the issue of Ukrain

Marian Majer on implementation of NATO's Readiness Action Plan

16. Jul 2015  |  Security and Defence

In his op-ed for the Slovak daily Denník NMarian Majer argues that

GLOBSEC Defence Forum

8. Jul 2015  |  Security and Defence

The GLOBSEC Defence Forum organised by the Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) was an opportunity to assess where NATO stands between the Wales and Warsaw summits.

Russia and the West: Sketching possible scenarios

22. Jun 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  Russia  |  Policy briefs

It is now acknowledged by most that the post-Cold War order was buried when Russia annexed Crimea and the Kremlin waged war in Eastern Ukraine. However, few in Europe or the U.S. have taken a deeper look at the potential contours of a new European order, or of the relationship between the West and Russia that lies at its heart.

From Wales to Warsaw: NATO’s radically adapted posture – or lost in between?

10. Jun 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  Policy briefs

One year before NATO meets at its next summit in Warsaw is a good moment to take stock of the Alliance’s adaptation to a dramatically altered security environment. Last September in Wales, NATO leaders agreed a number of concrete measures aimed at strengthening collective defence and deterrence.

PM Fico in Moscow: an unforced error?

9. Jun 2015  |  Central Europe, Security and Defence  |  Slovakia, Russia  |  Opinions

Since Prime Minister Fico announced his intention to pay an official visit to Moscow, the most important questions have never been answered: why Slovakia needed it, which topics would be discussed, and what he intended to achieve with this visit. The biggest problems that both Slovakia and its Prime Minister have to now answer is that these issues remain largely unclarified even after Mr Fico’s return from Moscow.