Anatomy of an info-war: How Russia’s propaganda machine works, and how to counter it

15. May 2015  |  Eastern Partnership, Security and Defence  |  Russia  |  Studies
Russia’s propaganda assault on the West is well-organized and well-funded. However, it is also predictable, and this is its weakness.

New military acquisitions: What is in there for V4 cooperation?

22. Apr 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  Event reports

Opportunities to coordinate and cooperate on the upcoming acquisitions of military hardware in the Visegrad region are wasted with every solo decision.

New DAV4 Report presented at CEPI

10. Apr 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  Event reports

On Thursday, 9 April 2015, Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) hosted a panel debate on V4 defence cooperation chaired by CEPI’s Senior Fellow M

DAV4 III Expert Group Report: From bullets to supersonics: V4 on the brink of industrial cooperation

8. Apr 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  V4  |  Studies


Defence comes at a costs, and no matter how obvious this sounds, in today’s security and economic environment these words carry weight. While it is a national responsibility to establish a national defence system, cooperation is now the name of the game. First, because of waning financial resources and weak growth in Europe and, second, because of the ever-rising costs of modern equipment.

Are the Baltics next on Putin’s list?

6. Mar 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  Baltic States, Russia  |  Opinions

Destabilization may be Russia’s aim, but it is unlikely to follow the Ukrainian scenario.

The Baltic States are a nervous place right now. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has set many analysts wondering whether the three tiny former-Soviet states on the edge of the European Union and NATO may be the Kremlin’s next target.

Globsec Chat with Romanian FM Aurescu

On Monday, 16 February, CEPI hosted strategic discussion with Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu. A roundtable debate with Slovak foreign policy and energy experts was part of Mr.

What did Minsk II actually achieve?

13. Feb 2015  |  Eastern Partnership, Security and Defence  |  Ukraine  |  Opinions

Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko was the only one smiling after 17 hours of negotiations in Minsk on Thursday morning, despite the announcement of a new ceasefire agreement. Though Lukashenko’s gentle mocking of President Vladimir Putin made everyone laugh briefly, there was no avoiding the reality that the Europeans remain the only party interested in freezing the conflict in the Donbas.

Visegrad Defense Cooperation – Doomed to Fail or Survive?

1. Feb 2015  |  Security and Defence  |  V4  |  Policy briefs

One year ago, when a group of high-level government officials and advisers were discussing the bright spots of Visegrád cooperation, the security and defense area was considered the prime example of regional policy-making.

Public diplomacy vital for Europe’s defence

3. Dec 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  V4  |  Event reports

While our populations are exposed to massive propaganda through alternative and social media channels, we have no idea what their opinion on security and defence is

Save the Defence: Why investing in the armed forces matters

26. Nov 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Policy briefs

Until Russia’s Crimea grab of 2014 and the subsequent military destabilisation of Ukraine, defence was a non-issue in Europe where most of the NATO members had decreased their defence budgets below levels allowing sustainable development. Much has changed ever since, especially in the eastern flank of the alliance: The bordering Visegrad and Baltic countries as well as Romania have pledged to increase their defence spending in the upcoming years.