Military training and education: An opportunity for V4 co-operation

5. Nov 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Central Europe  |  Policy briefs

Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and the subsequent eruption of hostilities in the eastern parts of Ukraine, have had damaging psychological consequences on the cohesion of the Visegrad Group, which might, in turn, result in a slow-down of the regional defence co-operation. Poland’s heightened threat perception and its determination to adjust foreign, security and defence policies to today’s new reality have turned out to be in sharp contrast to the hesitations of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

CEPI presents 75 recommendations for Slovak defence

13. Oct 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Press releases

The Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) has presented 75 recommendations for Slovak defence, which are summarised in a publication unveiled by CEPI analysts at a press conference on 13 October 2014.

Montenegro`s way to the door of NATO

The Slovak Atlantic Commission, with the support of the Central European Policy Institute, has published an analytical paper entitled „Montenegro`s way to the door of NATO”, which is the final outcome of the one year project conducted by SAC in Montenegro.

A view from Central Europe: New era for NATO?

9. Sep 2014  |  Security and Defence, Central Europe  |  Opinions

With a complete shift of Europe’s security environment, the NATO Summit in Wales has been a major stress test for whole Alliance. Its credibility in the eyes of Western partners was not the only thing at stake. With Russia continuing to provoke the Baltics and other neighbours on its western border, NATO’s deterrence ability is of principal importance.

Hungary`s three-fold position for NATO Summit

5. Sep 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Opinions

The forthcoming NATO Summit in Wales puts defence under the spotlight, especially in those Central European countries which have traditionally been less security-oriented. It is obvious that there are differences amongst the allies when it comes to the sanctions against Russia or the size of their defence budgets. The question is whether we will manage to reach a meaningful agreement in NATO.

Is Slovakia prepared for the NATO summit?

2. Sep 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Opinions

On Thursday, the leaders of 28 countries will meet at the next NATO summit. A year ago, it seemed that the completion of the ISAF mission would be its main topic. With the expectated ISAF withdrawal from Afghanistan the concerns have been growing about how NATO will further develop its capabilities and respond to provocative questions about the reasons for its existence. However, today everything is different. Due to the crisis in Ukraine the ordinary meeting of NATO leaders has turned into the most important summit since the end of the Cold War.

CEPI makes suggestions ahead of NATO summit

2. Sep 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Press releases

Three CEPI fellows, Jaroslav Naď, Marian Majer and Milan Šuplata, have outlined suggestions for Slovakia’s delegation at the upcoming NATO Summit in Cardiff.

European Security after the NATO Summit in Wales: A Polish Perspective

1. Sep 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Opinions

The current Russian-Ukrainian conflict is a game changer for European security. The entire European security architecture has trembled as the eastern flank of the continent has been destabilised. If the conflict cannot act as a unifier for the transatlantic community, it could well spell tougher times down the road. This danger would become particularly acute if the perception takes hold that Alliance has lost its credibility to deter threats.

Changing frontiers by Shlomo Avineri

14. Jul 2014  |  Security and Defence  |  Middle East  |  Policy briefs
Written as a follow-up to a closed roundtable discussion at the GLOBSEC 2014 conference (May 14 - 16, 2014) in Bratislava, this policy brief discusses the conflict between the right to self-determination and the inviolability of state borders.

Ukraine, EU, and NATO: Prospects for Defence Cooperation

Written ahead of Globsec 2014, this Policy Brief outlines the history of security and defence cooperation between the EU, NATO and Ukraine.