Central Europe and the Refugee Question: Cooperation, not Confrontation

By Gabi Göbl, Christian Kvorning Lassen, Marko Lovec, Milan Nic and Paul Schmidt. Photo: Flickr|European Parliament, licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
22. Sep 2016  |  European Union, Migration  |  Central Europe  |  Policy briefs


EurActiv on Central Europe and the Refugee Question

By Public Relations. Photo: TASR|Štefan Puškáš.
11. Oct 2016  |  Migration, European Union  |  Central Europe  |  In the media

Zuzana Gabrižová from EurActiv.sk provides a summary of the rountable hosted in Bratislava by the GLOBSEC Policy Institute (GPI) on Central Europe and the refugee

Central Europe and the refugee question: Cooperation instead of confrontation?

7. Oct 2016  |  Migration  |  Central Europe  |  Event reports
Although the migration crisis has receded from the headlines, the issues raised by the crisis will not likely stay on the backburner for long. Between EU asylum policy, solidarity and trust issues, as well as member state identity and practical issues of integration, these topics are likely to resurface. With governments finding the political and public climate set in its ways, civil society is stepping in to develop pan-regional best practices.

Milan Nič's comments on Hungarian referendum in POLITICO

By Public Relations. Photo: Flickr|Moyan Brenn. Licensed by CC BY 2.0

On October 2, 2016 Hungary held the referendum on the plan of the European Union to relocate refugees in Europe using quotas.

Finding Common Ground: Developing a Shared System for Asylum Management

By Public Relations. Photo: Flickr|Fotomovimiento, licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 
24. Jun 2016  |  Migration  |  Central Europe  |  Event reports

The Brexit decision has made it impossible to run business-as-usual in the EU.