Rzeczpospolita and Maidan: How official Russian media inform about Central Europe

By Grigorij Mesežnikov. Photo: Flickr|streetwrk.com licensed by CC BY-ND 2.0

“Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine confirmed the civilizational choice of its citizens. By removal of oligarchic kleptocratic regime which was supported by Kremlin and by claim to join the united Europe Ukrainians have sent a clear signal how they see the fate of their country.

What does the Bratislava Summit have to say about Russia?

By Alena Kudzko. Photo: Flickr|Larry Koester, licensed by CC-BY-2.0
14. Sep 2016  |  European Union, Russia

Nothing and a lot.

There will be no grand joint statement on relations with Russia when 27 leaders convene in Bratislava on Friday.

And that’s not only because it’s an “informal” summit. The Summit is expected to focus on areas that the 28-1 leaders can agree on. Relations with Russia is not one of them.