Quo vadis Britannia? Post-election UK from CE perspective

19. May 2015  |  European Union  |  United Kingdom  |  Opinions

Just hours before the commencement of the 56th British general elections most of the world believed that it would awake to a hung parliament represented by ambiguity about the (il)legitimacy of any new government and feasibility of any coalition building - not excluding the chance of early elections before Christmas. However, the British people decided and returned the Conservatives to Westminster. Now that the election time is over and the country remains on a steady trajectory towards serious political challenges.

Scotland's historic moment

16. Sep 2014  |  European Union  |  United Kingdom  |  Policy briefs

If the Scottish referendum on September 18th leads to independence, Scotland will become not just the newest state entity in Europe but also a source of challenges for the EU, NATO, the rest of the United Kingdom and for an independent Scotland itself.

A view from Central Europe: Cameron΄s Speech

11. Feb 2013  |  European Union, Central Europe  |  United Kingdom  |  Opinions

Britain criticises parts of EU regulation, demands opt-outs and hints it might leave if it does not get its way. Central Europe shares British frustration but is unhappy about its negotiating tactic.