GLOBSEC Challenge

5. Mar 2015  |  Central Europe  |  United States

In 2015, GLOBSEC will introduce the GLOBSEC CHALLENGE – a competition thematically focused on the most pressing issues related to the transatlantic agenda.

Tomáš Valášek: Non-enlargement will invite further aggression

Slovak Ambassador to NATO and honorary chairman of CEPI Tomáš Valášek kicked-off the milestone conference on NATO enlargement by saying that after Ukraine, the idea of Europe whole and free is more urgent: “Enlargements has put Russia’s relations with those neighbours that are in NATO on a stable and predictable footing. This calm and stability could be a hugely valuable asset, if we are to be in a prolonged period of tensions with Moscow.”

Missiles and misgivings: the US and Central Europe's security

The gist of the recent missile defence decision is that the US will not deploy advanced SM-3 IIB interceptors in Poland, as it originally planned to do in 2022, in the last phase of the programme. The missiles in question have yet to be built, the technology involved is tricky, and a recent Congressional study has concluded that they may never work as intended.